Have a taste of Barcelona’s nightlife

Have a taste of Barcelona’s nightlife. Barcelona is considered one of the liveliest, most youthful cities in Europe. The parties never stop & the bars are always full of people. It’s a city you go out at night. Starting from live Flamenco venues that are more than you can count & many of them well worth your money and time to Jazz Si Club a great venue for live music performances, to La Rumbeta which offers live performances of Rumba Catalana, to the open-air festivals that take place in various neighborhoods during the summer months, to the beachfront clubs and the Stoke boat parties, Barcelona has it all.

Have a taste of Barcelona's nightlife Photo by https://www.stoketravel.com/trip/barcelona-barefoot-boat-party/#slide=tophttps://www.barcelona.com/barcelona_directory/clubs_discos/jazz_clubs/jazz_si_club

Razzmatazz is considered to be the biggest Club with most of the great bands, artists, and DJs, like Coldplay, Orbital, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Kanye West, Blur, Belle and Sebastian, Paul Kalkbrenner, having their gigs here. Of course, there’s also Sala Apolo with their staple event of Nasty Mondays is always packed, the Irish and British pubs in the Gothic Quarter ideal for a pub crawl, or the vibrant Born district that is currently a hipster favorite. If you’re really into the hipster philosophy and prefer to stay away from the mainstream venues then Barcelona has you covered with an organized hipster bar crawl that can show you around the real local hang-outs.