Frites or fried potatoes are not just a side dish in Belgium. The local favorite accompanied by mayonnaise can be found in various chips stands or frituurs. The crisp outside & tender inside of the Belgian frites is a taste very familiar to all of us no matter the country of origin.

It is probably the most common fast food throughout the globe but in Antwerp and Belgium, probably because of its long history (there are many who claim that the so-called French fries, according to the Americans are actually Belgian originated-there are manuscripts from the 1780s that refer to a Belgian tradition of deep fried potatoes that is prior to 1680), it tastes so damn good that it justifies its worldwide popularity.

There is a certain trick that adds more to the flavor of Belgian frites. The potatoes are fried twice with the second time, just before serving adding the extra crispiness and the deep golden brown color of their outer layer that makes them irresistible.

Whether you are buying your frites on the street or enjoying them in a restaurant the Belgian Frites are a must if you are in Antwerp. If you want a taste of some of the best Frites in Belgium then you have to try frites from Frites Atelier.  There is simply no comparison between them.