Hotel Diamonds and Pearls (Two Star Hotel)

Hotel Diamonds and Pearls is an exceptionally stylish and atmospheric boutique hotel, located in an old townhouse from 1865, in the shadow of Cathedral of Our Lady. This venue is perfect for those who want to get away from the crowd and like to focus on themselves. The hotel radiates luxury and warmth in a unique atmosphere. When you arrive, you will be immediately amazed by the uniqueness of this hotel as you step inside our urban oasis.

Directly to the right as you enter, you will find a lounge with a fireplace. This is where you can go for a moment of rest. Of course, you can freely work and make use of the wireless Wi-Fi connection available in this space. In the central part of the ground floor is the reception, which connects to the breakfast room. If you walk further through, you will come out onto our patio, and you will feel as if you had walked into the courtyard of a Moroccan Riad palace.