Zilte (Fine Dining)

At Zilte, the central focus is to provide a pure and uniquely immersive experience that engages all your senses. They take pride in transforming ingredients into delightful creations, paying meticulous attention to the essentials. The exceptional team, known for their expertise, character, and unwavering commitment to hospitality, ensures that your visit is truly exceptional.

Within a comfortable setting that offers a panoramic view of the Antwerp skyline and a welcoming atmosphere, your culinary journey unfolds in a unique decor where heritage and innovation serve as the main guiding principles. The people in this restaurant are dedicated to intensifying your experience, striving for perfection in every aspect. The refined materials and soothing colors used in our interior serve to enhance the overall Zilte ambiance.

Zilte (Fine Dining) Zilte (Fine Dining)

Chef Viki Geunes, alongside hostess Viviane Plaquet and the entire Zilte team, invite you to embark on a pure and distinctive gastronomic adventure at an unprecedented level. Chef Geunes shares, ‘As a chef, I’ve developed a refined palate that revels in perfectly balanced taste sensations, and together with my team, we aim to deliver a complete gastronomic experience every time.’

‘We tirelessly seek perfection in every aspect of the culinary journey, from the signboard to the location and the overall atmosphere. In short, our goal is for guests to depart with cherished memories that endure. The entire Zilte team is deeply passionate about their craft, perpetually in pursuit of perfection down to the finest detail. This unwavering commitment is how we endeavor to provide a truly unique and awe-inspiring gastronomic experience – one that will linger in your thoughts forever.'” More

Zilte (Fine Dining)Zilte (Fine Dining)