Return to the animal kingdom

Return to the animal kingdom. A visit to the Zoo is most of the time not eligible by this website as a top priority attraction or activity. Antwerp’s Zoo is the exception. It differs in many aspects from the typical archetype. Antwerp’s Zoo is in reality an attraction that would be worth one’s time even if there were no animals in it (actually that would probably be better for many people).

Established in 1843 Antwerp’s Zoo is one of the oldest in the world & certainly one of the classiest. Its Art Nouveau elements were designed 150 years ago & the exceptionally well-kept spaces are worthy of a temple. A temple of wildlife. It is also conveniently located just behind the Central Station, not in a far away plot of land & most importantly it is not a Zoo that aims just the elaboration of wildlife in captivity.

After the 1990’s following its scheduled master plan the Zoo was separated into four macro-habitats where the animal population of 5.000 & the 950 different species could live in harmony. The planetarium, the recently created vriesland (freeze land),the nocturama (nocturnal animals) & the kidsite especially designed for children make this a visit you will probably not regret. More