Explore Zurenborg

Explore Zurenborg. A leisurely stroll in one of the most interesting neighborhoods of the city can offer some of the best & sometimes the most quaint views of the city and its architecture. This district of Zurenborg is off the beaten path for most tourists. Not what one would expect from a neighborhood with such a display of Art Nouveau buildings.


The street of Cogels-Osy lei is a feast for the eyes. An array of beautiful & elaborately decorated houses of the 19th century will transfer you to an almost imaginary place where fine architecture & house aesthetics are of the utmost importance to everyone. Almost every house is a different work of art so it’s only natural that the feeling one gets here resembles more the one you get at an open-air museum. Combined with a tram or bicycle ride & a stop for a drink the visit to Zurenborg is an experience worth having in Antwerp. More