Cruise the Scheldt

Cruise the Scheldt. Antwerp is one of those cities that has been formed to a great extent by the trade & overall economy provided by River Scheldt, a River linked to the North Sea by the river’s Westerschelde estuary. Scheldt is a 350 km long river that cuts through northern France, western Belgium, and the southwestern part of the Netherlands while several canals connect it with the basins of the Rhine, Meuse and Seine. For millenniums it has been the easiest and fastest way for people to move through these lands. the Scheldt

To explore the Scheldt is to explore Antwerp’s own living space so the incentive for a riverboat trip is even more interesting in this case. There are small trips one can take just around the port of Antwerp but there are also boat trips that will take you through the most beautiful spots along the rivers & canals of Central Belgium during the sunny months of Spring and Summer. More