Bourbon Street (Jazz Joint)

On September 21st 1990 Ricardo Reeberg and Bert Hendriks gave birth to Bourbon Street Live Music Amsterdam Club. After having served as a discotheque where Ricardo and Bert had worked for many years it was time for a change. At the time there was clearly a need for a live music Amsterdam cafe, with originality and a unique character.

Slowly but surely people found their way to the Bourbon Street Live Music Amsterdam Club and made it what it is today, a place which is known and famous all over the world.

Famous musicians, such as Sting,Bruce Springsteen, Joss Stone, Jeff Healey, Bobby Kimball (Toto), The entire Rolling Stones Crew, the late dutch rock & roll hero Herman Brood and BB King also found their way to the Bourbon Street. You can even meet with some famous Hollywood stars that are frequent customers.

Bourbon Street (Jazz Joint) Bourbon Street (Jazz Joint)