Experiment..Try it … BUT do it like an adult for your own sake. It is not this web-site’s role to take a stand or form opinions on matters so delicate and controversial as the use of cannabis. It is a proven fact though, that many of the tourists in Amsterdam are interested in “knowing more” about the matter during their stay. Anyhow since the famous coffee-shops are part of Amsterdam’s life & a tourist magnet since the 1970’s when the government made a clear distinction between hard & soft drugs, what this web site can do, is offer a bit more insight on the subject.


You will find about 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam that are not to be confused with cafes.Coffee shops are adult only places that are not (!) allowed to sell alcohol but can legally sell marijuana, cannabis or what is generally known on American culture as “weed”. For inexperienced smokers, a gram of weed can make them high about 6 times & can be translated in at least 3 joints. In case you don’t know how to roll a cigarette you can purchase one or more that are already rolled from the coffee shops. In case you are more interested to learn about cannabis & its effect on people (besides your own research on the web) there is a Cannabis College in Amsterdam. No this not a joke.

Cannabis College a place to get to enter without any charge & the guys running it will answer any questions you have on the subject, from proper usage to the best places to smoke. In case you don’t want to smoke….well you can always try a space cake (hash cake that usually takes up to 15 minutes to kick in). Whatever you go for be sure to try the effects of cannabis in an environment that is at least slightly familiar and a bit comfortable. It is hard enough to find your way in an unknown city even without the effects of pot so behave responsibly if you don’t want the whole experience to be traumatic.

Experiment..but Experiment..but