Ruby Lissi Hotel Vienna (4 Star Hotel)

Have you ever wondered why luxury hotels always have to be overly complicated? And why pay more, than what it is actually worth to you? That’s how Ruby came to be. Lean Luxury – this is its philosophy. For the owners, managers and people of the hotel luxury means laid-back comfort instead of formalities. Inspiring people instead of pretty facades. Character and soul instead of polished surfaces. No expensive prestige addresses, but where the authentic heart of the city beats.

The people of the hotel love their neighbourhood and they constantly contribute to the creative scene as well as to the environment. They prefer rough edges instead of slipperiness, nonchalance over exaggeration, laughing loudly and heartfully instead of gossiping quietly.Lean means not paying for things you don’t need or want. The things that are deemed as unimportant are left behind. Like the restaurant or room service in a hotel that is located in the heart of the city. Instead, you’ll have an easy-going bar which is open 24/7. You don’t need huge rooms, because luxury can also work in confined spaces. But of course everything has its place and the most important things in order to work perfectly: being connected, sleeping and freshening up. More