Sarde in saor

Sarde in saor is without a doubt the most typical Venetian dish omnipresent in high class restaurants and osterias (old school taverns).It is made of floured sardines that are deep fried until the become nice and golden. They are then topped with some caramelized in white wine vinegar onions, raisins, pine-nuts. They are then marinated in their own sauce for over two days. It is a dish born by the necessity of sailors to store fish in ships for a long time at a time when Venetian sailors spent most of their lives on board. A great place for this dish and kind provider of our photos is the Cantina do Spade. Faithful to the tradition of Venetian cuisine, the cantina offers its clients the most typical recipes, always respecting the seasonality of the ingredients. A final touch of innovation is what makes each dish authentic and contemporary.