Marvel at Rialto bridge

Dedicate some time to marvel at Rialto Bridge, the beloved bridge of the Venetians. For centuries, if you wanted to cross the Grand Canal on foot, the only available way was the Rialto bridge. The beautiful bridge we admire today is the outcome of work completed in a record time of only three years, from 1588 to 1591. Its architect Antonio da Ponte did not just manage to win the hearts of the rulers of the Republic, he did so by winning with his design Michelangelo and Jacopo Sansovino.

That alone speaks volumes of its architectural worth.  Many travelers enjoy the Grand Canal photo opportunity on the bridge, while others enjoy the shopping found on either side of it. Others enjoy parking themselves at a café and gazing at it from afar. Especially romantic at night time with all its lighting and surroundings..Outrageously crowded at all times though. You have to cross the bridge though, whether on foot or by boat. It’s like a tourist tradition sort of thing.