Verivorst. Again sorry to the vegetarians and vegans out there but as the cliche saying goes, when in Rome…  Verivorst is a blood sausage that has managed to hold a place in the Estonian catalog of culinary traditions for ages. It is typically served with mashed or roasted potatoes, hapukapsas (sauerkraut) and lingonberry jam on Christmas. The festive palette is completed with some special Christmas gingerbread, cinnamon apples and mandarin oranges.

Where to sample such a festive meat delicacy? Well a very fitting venue would be a popular medieval restaurant of Tallinn. A Medieval Tavern For Tired and Hungry Travellers . The whole atmosphere of the place is like a real-life journey back in time. The III Dragon is very conveniently located in the main town hall square, beneath the town hall building.

Some comments of mostly satisfied customers on Tripadvisor go:” A brilliant concept for a medieval restaurant.” ” This was a great find. The staff play out roles when serving you and keep in character.” ” Nothing to say less than wounderful, so nice with a wild themed service in the middle of the old city, enjoyed each and every sip of my soup, each and every bite of my food “.   More