Estonian Vodka

Estonian Vodka. In 2017, after a history that goes back hundreds of years (17th century to be exact), Estonian Vodka finally got the recognition it deserves. It is now protected under European law as a distinct geographical province of production for the product. Homegrown vodka was traditionally based on potatoes but today most of them are based on grain. Today Viru Valge is probably the best known Vodka in the country produced by Liviko distillery but there are several others like the Tall Blond, Saaremaa, Türi that are noteworthy.

It’s one thing to drink a vodka, it’s a whole other story to get to see how vodka is actually produced in a local distillery and sample the fruits of that work. You can do that at the Liviko Distillery and the whole experience will surely add to the flavor.

The tour at Liviko covers all the different stages of production – distillation, filtration, bottling, and vodka mixing. You can see and smell how their infusions and aromatic spirits are made. During the tour, guests are shown the Liviko laboratory, where compliance of the raw materials as well as products with the highest quality requirements are checked. Highly recommended. More