Philly Joe’s Jazz Club (Jazz Joint)

Some This is the place you come if you are a jazz fan in Tallinn. Since it first started 5 years ago this place is the hub attracting artists and aficionados of the kind. More than 500 music events, concerts, master classes and workshops have taken place at Philly Joe’s these years, creating a whole new wave of jazz culture in the Estonian capital.

They are normally open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 11 pm but they can just as easily be having concerts on every day of the week, depending on the season.recent Facebook reviews: ” Philly Joe’s is a warm, laid-back jazz bar that deserves a visit whenever in Tallinn! Have some beer s, enjoy live music. Simple yet wonderful! Also, it plays a crucial part in keeping the European jazz scene alive. thank you Philly Joe’s Tallinn ! ” ” Not just a nice, cozy place. there’s an idea behind this place that makes it very enjoyable. i came there randomly for the first time, just to check it out. after a few hours came out smiling and loving jazz. great guys working there, lots of musicians hanging out, great events being held = awesome place ” ” Cozy, intimate and cool..always a crowd with appreciation towards music and musicians. All about the music! ”  More