Smörgåsbord. A staple of Swedish culinary tradition, ubiquitous in the Swedish capital is the Smörgåsbord meaning open-faced sandwich board in Swedish. This buffet-like meal of hot & cold cuts of various flavors can be found all over Scandinavia as well as Poland, Lithuania even Croatia.

Various types of bread, butter, cheese, fish (usually herring, salmon & eel) sometimes meatballs or sausages. A special Swedish version of Smörgåsbord is the Julbord, a standard during the period of Christmas. It is commonly divided into three distinct courses.

The first course is commonly some type of fish accompanied by boiled potatoes & hard-boiled eggs, the second a selection of cold sliced meats like Christmas ham (julskinka) with mustard & the third various warm delicacies like smoked or roasted pork & baked beans.