Renskav & Tjälknul

Renskav & Tjälknul. For the more daring explorers of original flavors who can turn off the animal lover side in them when the occasion arises, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Well maybe for this particular dish, you may also need to silence the inner child that still resurfaces from time to time.

If you can do that, you could try a traditional Swedish dish that comes straight from the Viking menu. Renskav or Sautéed Reindeer is a meat often fried with chanterelle mushrooms and leeks & served with raw lingonberries mashed with sugar. Tjälknul is a dish produced by venison or elk meat cooked in low heat in a way that leaves the meat tender.

It is seasoned with various spices before being served, usually cold. You can also find wild boar meat that is mostly cooked as a steak. Again these suggestions are given only as something extraordinary someone should try as in one of Sweden’s rarities & not as a lighthearted exhortation to consume rare species as if they were farm animals.