Restaurang Räkan (Seafood)

At Restaurang Räkan, they serve fish and seafood as they were meant to be served: fresh and from the West Coast. And they’ve been doing this for a long time. Or at least ever since they opened the doors of the original Räkan on Lorensbergsgatan in Gothenburg 40 years ago. The restaurant that filled its menu with fresh seafood almost immediately became a classic with locals and international visitors alike. Their shrimp sandwiches and langoustines have been enjoyed by world celebrities like Freddy Mercury, Mel Gibson, Kiss and Donald Duck cartoonist Don Rosa.

In 2015, they moved the business from Gothenburg to Stockholm. That makes Restaurang Räkan on Vasagatan the only East Coast restaurant where the food tastes like the West Coast. The serving is an experience in itself, as your meal comes loaded on a radio-controlled fishing boat that you steer to your table. That they always serve fresh catch you’ll notice in the fresh taste of your meal. At Restaurang Räkan, it’s the love of the raw ingredients and Swedish aquatic life that are indispensable to the full seafood experience you get when you eat in this place. More