Mugolone (Seafood)

Mugolone brings on the table the true Sienese tradition, revised and renewed in a contemporary key. From those raw materials that since Sor Guido were an icon and not to be missed – liver, brain, pigeon, rabbit – the rediscovery of the typical genuine and truthful cuisine begins, far from the flattened and standardized stereotype that today too often is confused with the idea of home. The flavors of Mugolone are a throwback to the ancient Sienese identity, an open city to the outsiders and with its city center made of the large roads, where the traveler carried foreign influences that mingled with autochthonous tastes: some of the key ingredients of the Sienese cuisine – from the tarragon to the spices of the panforte – in fact, they arrived in the city from faraway places and here they then took root, returning to a new life. This is what Mugolone does: he re-appropriates the opening that Siena has put aside a little in the last half-century, returning to place the accent on the ability to discover the new, appreciate it, make it its own revisiting itself, always in full respect of what has been until today.