Take a Tuscan cooking class

Take a Tuscan cooking class. Tuscan cuisine combines all the secret elements that made Italian cuisine the favorite of the planet. A chance to take some of that knowledge back home when at the same time you get the chance to taste a complete menu with dishes you yourself have created in an inspirational environment with a bunch of other people from different countries and cultures is an experience worth living.


Lella, passionate researcher of Medieval recipes, is always careful to use local products. In addition to running her cooking school in Tuscany, Lella has written a book in Japanese and is working on a cookbook in English. She has collaborated and continues to work with local and national television networks.

Lella is also a member of the I.A.C.P. (International Association of Cooking Professionals of Washington), is an A.I.C.I. teacher (Association of Teachers of Italian Cuisine) and is the President of the “Lady Chefs” of the F.I.C. (Italian Federation of Cooks Siena).

She was a competitive athlete and, as a result, she is always dedicated to healthy eating. She was born in Siena and still lives in there. With her you will not only discover cooking but also the city, the Palio and the Contradas (neighborhoods) of Siena. Lella will not only teach you her recipes but also what it means to be Sienese. More