Andalusian Olives

Andalusian Olives . Let’s start with the Alpha. Alpha in Andalusia is a place occupied by olive oil and olives. It’s the basis of a great part of its cuisine if not all. The golden liquid is also golden when it comes to the benefits to our health.

Andalusianos are exporters of olives and olive oil which of course makes sense if you travel a bit around the region and realize that most of the agrarian land is covered by olive trees. Extra virgin olive oil is what you should look for when it comes to liquid gold while Aceituna Manzanilla de Sevilla is what we would suggest trying in its solid form.

Manzanilla olives are often pitted and stuffed with garlic or pimento. The word manzanillo, means little apple something these olive oils remind of due to their regular and spherical shape. The total volume of sales of Manzanilla table Olives was almost 31 million kg and of olive oil 2 million kg for 2019 alone.