Go Horse-Riding in Parque Natural Doñana

Go Horse-Riding in Parque Natural Doñana. According to the UNESCO official site, the World Heritage site of the Doñana National Park in Andalusia occupies the right bank of the Guadalquivir River at its estuary on the Atlantic Ocean. It is notable for the great diversity of its biotopes, especially lagoons, marshlands, fixed and mobile dunes, scrub woodland and maquis. It is home to five threatened bird species. It is one of the largest heronries in the Mediterranean region and is the wintering site for more than 500,000 waterfowl each year. 


The natural park is just 20 minutes away from Seville and a place that especially during the months of Spring is just stunning. Now if you combine that with a horse ride then the whole experience becomes irresistible.  Riding a horse through the surroundings of the Doñana National Park will be an unforgettable experience.

Tour the Doñana Park, the Village of El Rocío, and some of the Rocieros Paths that run through the brotherhoods in Romería del Rocío. With no more noise than the footfalls of the horses, you will be able to appreciate every detail of the spectacular nature that surrounds you. Along the route through Doñana, you will enter the territory of the Iberian lynx, and your companions will be none other than deer, foxes, and various emblematic birds of the area if you are lucky you could spot the Lynx. More

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