Bugsy’s Bar (Cocktails)


Weather, presidents and ruling parties are changing, Bugsy’s Bar remains. The fixed point of the mixology universe from which you can move around the cocktail planet. Bugsy’s bar was always one step ahead. Not surprisingly, it was one of the first bars to introduce the Mojito cocktail. Newsweek has included it in “The Best Bars of the Word” and has brought up many successful bartenders in the summer 2008, 2009 and 2011, 20 years of operation.  After so many years, Bugsy’s Bar is one of the industry leaders today, and besides first-class cocktails, it offers about 100 Single Malt Whiskey, 90 kinds of rums from around the world, a wealth of titers, tit titas, fried veulne nami semi aéekiové waters. Bugsy’s bar has matured to perfection for years, as well as the drinks it sells. More