Learn everything about Czech food.

Learn everything about Czech food. There are some people that no matter where they travel to, will always opt for the let’s say easy path of being fed by one of the multinational fast food chain shops. We don’t fancy the practice. Seriously. How can one lightheartedly waste a perfect opportunity to enrich his/her travel experience with tastes and dishes you’ve never tasted before? Some are typically just in the hosting city.

The best way to get to know about the city’s own cuisine without having to search for online guidance, or specialized written cookbooks is the pretty common nowadays food tour. A good food tour can guide you through the city’s past as well as the present culinary scene, give you a taste of some of its most unusual foods while at the same time, you get a great city overview as well as tips on where to eat and drink in the city.


The following are some of the most popular food tours according to TripAdvisor users: Taste Of Prague, Prague Urban Adventures, Prague Food Tour,  Eating Prague Tours, You can even have a Czech cooking class that can last 3 to 4 hours where you get to learn about the basic ingredients and spices along with best cooking practices of the Czech cuisine with you in the main role and a Czech chef that guides you through the whole process, as an assistant. The dining experience will be paired with a Czech wine selected by the Czech chefs who will explain everything that has to do with the Czech wine tradition. More