Crepe. Cheap, delicious, and omnipresent. The crepe is the undisputed champion of street food stalls in Paris. You can literally find a crepe vendor in every corner of the city. In touristy neighborhoods and streets, you can find one every few meters. According to historians the origin of the delicacy lies in the French region of Bretagne, the northwestern tip of the country.

It was however in the 14th-century book of French recipes named Le Menagier de Paris that we have the oldest traditional recipe on record. Of course, nowadays the crepe is considered a national staple with an official feast day, February 2, better known in France as le jour des crêpes (‘the day of crepes’).

If you prefer sitting down and eating your crepe properly then a great choice according to the foodies that roam the streets of the French capital is Breizh Café, a chain of successful creperies that has perfected the art of crepe and can be found in three different locations across Paris. Check them out here