Moonshiner (Cocktails) (Cocktails)

At the time of the Prohibition, the production and sale of alcohol was banned. It is in these times that the speakeasies, hidden clandestine bars were created. Open in 2013, the Moonshiner took its inspiration from this concept. Indeed, to get in, you have to know where to look because there is no sign. To get inside the Moonshiner, you have to go through the Pizzeria Da Vito, which serves tasty pizzas, and pass through the cold room doors.

Inside the bar, the 1920’s are found in the decoration and even in the font used on the menu for the name of the bar.
A safe is placed in the smoking room and if you guess the combination correctly, you get what’s inside.
As for the cocktails, you can choose either a classic or unique drinks to the Moonshine like the Smokey Island, the Number 6, or even the Salvia Cosmo. (Description by

The users of TripAdvisor said: “Great vibe, friendly, great drinks, significant whiskey selection” “The kind of place Hemingway and co would have gladly hung out” Incredible atmosphere, even if the bar was super busy I got my drink in less than 5min. Great drink, staff and costumer service.”   More

Moonshiner (Cocktails)Moonshiner (Cocktails)