Sfogliatella is the undisputed champion of Neapolitan pastry art. It is not possible to think of going to Naples without tasting the Neapolitan sfogliatella, at any time of the day: for breakfast with coffee or cappuccino, after lunch to sweeten the palate, or as a dessert after dinner. One rule: the sfogliatella should be enjoyed piping hot!


There are two variants of sfoglietelle: a) the riccia (curly) sfogliatella , prepared with puff pastry, crunchy and filled with semolina, ricotta, candied fruit, milk, eggs, and sugar; b) the frolla (shortcrust) sfoglietella in which the ingredients are enclosed in a soft shortcrust pastry dough. Today in Naples you can find both along with the ad arte (artistic) ones served in some pastry shops, considered the sacred cows of the sfogliatella.