Stairs Coffee Shop (Breakfast & Brunch)

Stairs is a young brand, but it has an ambitious goal, that of merging the tradition of the typical Neapolitan coffee bar with the peculiarities of the American “bakery” in a sort of “melting pot” of aromas and flavors that leave our customers pleasantly surprised. Brownies, cup cakes, cheese cakes, muffins, pan cakes, donuts and other typical specialties of American pastry find ample space in our menu, flanked by typical products of our tradition such as croissants, brioches, croutons, gypsies, salads, fruit salads and smoothies and soft ice cream. Finally, our “experiences”: a selection of leaf teas served in the classic “Melior” infuser, but also a wide choice of delicious desserts with espresso coffee, whipped cream and precious creams that characterize their taste and appearance.