Cavoli Nostri (Vegan – Vegetarian)

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” (AnthelmeBrillat-Savarin). The story of this place began in May 2015. Mission: to demonstrate that the exaltation of taste in cuisine and the nutritional completeness are absolutely not in contrast to a vegetarian diet. Vegan and vegetarian ones are special universes, ways of life, and in particular of eating culture. Food taste and quality are therefore the protagonists of this story, and it could not be otherwise. From every aspect of the vast culinary offer of Cavoli Nostri it is possible to perceive the naturalist ethic behind the whole business… A very attentive selection of suppliers means the exclusive use of organic and high quality ingredients: from seeds, cereals and spices to more sophisticated products such as the proteinic ones that can substitute meat and milk derivatives. This allows Cavoli Nostri to offer Gluten Free recipes and a wide range of bio wines. The menu is strictly seasonal, so… Leggi tutto