Cantina La Barbera (Meat)

The story begins in 1999, in the historic centre of Naples. This is where the first version of Cantina La Barbera was born, in a 19th century building placed at the highest point of Vomero hill. At the time the place was a wine cellar that staked everything on a selection of Italian and international wines, French bubbles, and craft beers. Since 2012, things have changed. Following a careful restyling, the Cantina La Barbera built an authentic braceria (a rustic barbecue restaurant) on the top floor in addition to the lower level winery. Today, guests who visit can taste deli platters of regional and Italian cold cuts, local cheeses, and cuts of sustainably sourced meats, as well as a dense microcosm of high-quality products to which you won’t be able to say no.