Visit the Phlegraean fields

The Phlegraean fields or the Campi Flegrei (“burning fields”)  is a large volcanic area, a 13-km-wide nested caldera, situated to the west of Naples, Italy. It contains many volcanic centers (cinder cones, tuff rings, calderas) that have been active during the past 30-40,000 years. The volcanic field has been the site of some extremely violent eruptions in the past. It was declared a regional park in 2003. Today you can pay a visit to Solfatara in Pozzuoli, a perfect example of the Volcanism of the area.

The crater provides an exhibition of volcanic columns of smoke and boiling mud with a strong smell of sulfur. Then you can go on to Flavio’s Amphitheatre, the most important record of Puteoli during Imperial Rome. The attraction of the arena is represented by the extraordinary organization of the underground network of tunnels. After that, you can have a brief stop at Serapi, a temple located in the center of Pozzuoli, and then pass through Arco Felice, the majestic entrance to the ancient city. Drive to the Acropolis of Cumae with Sibyl’s cave and its temples. Finally, you can have a brief stop at the d’Averno lake viewpoint for pictures. More