Suit yourself

Suit yourself. Literally. Neapolitan haute couture is more than a tradition, it is an excellence of made-in-Italy fashion which, from the hands of Neapolitan artisans, has come to dress gentlemen from all over the world, including artists, heads of state, and Hollywood celebrities.

Naples boasts a very prestigious tailoring or sartorial tradition, which has its roots back many centuries and which we could even trace to the year 1351, the year in which the Confraternity of the Sartori was founded. At that time, during the glories of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Naples was a sumptuous capital, the nerve center of fashions and customs from all over Europe together with London and Paris.

In the fifteenth century, the first wool and silk factories flourished in Naples, which favored the development of a real Neapolitan tailoring school, so much so that around the seventeenth century, the Neapolitan tailors recognized by the Confraternity of Sartori were more than 600.

Suit yourself.

After a short period of decline, due to the difference between European fashions, clean and linear, which clashed with the sumptuous Neapolitan tastes, Neapolitan tailoring was able to reinvent itself, through its great dexterity and refinement of fabrics, to become an institution that, nowadays, is recognized all over the world.

Sartoria Tofani was founded by Aristide Tofani in the heart of the historical neighborhood of Naples, in 1954. The young Aristide started apprenticing at Vincenzo Attolini’s, whose name is a guarantee and who represented a crucial figure in Aristide’s path. He suddenly became a known and respected name thanks to his inclination to perfection. Aristide’s main accomplishment was transmitting his passion to his sons and nephew: Davide, Enea, and the young Aristide. Today, their excellence resides in their perfect cutting manually, their ability to choose the best tissues, and grip the needle with maniacal precision to not leave any imperfection. More