Do a food tour

Do a food tour and do it well. If you don’t want to face the fury of the gods if sacrilege is not in your intentions if you understand the importance of food in your life…we could keep this up but you get the gist of it… A food tour is something you need to do in Naples. First off Naples is among the main culinary capitals of the world. Not Italy, not the Mediterranean, not Europe. Of the world. a food tour

Will you have enough time to sample the things you need to say to yourself you have the whole picture? Will you do your research before looking for a Neapolitan restaurant that can cover the traditional flavors of this culinary heaven? Do you know what to order and when? Well, we do have that on this website as well in the Must taste section BUT…it’s another thing to try to find everything by yourself and a different story to follow the lead of the connoisseurs who live and breathe Naples every day of their lives.

You will get to roam through the streets of Naples among the locals and enjoy several tastings of local food and drinks, while you learn the stories of each dish and place from a fun and informative guide, you’ll meet new people and spot places you may want to return to. You will also meet the people who prepare the food, you will ask them questions and in general, you will have a blast.  More