Weisswurst. Munich’s cuisine is notorious for its meat-oriented menus & its multifarious sausage pallet. The Weisswurst is Munich’s most prominent representative that goes back to 1857. The white sausage is a plump boiled sausage made from minced veal & pork back bacon that usually comes to the table in a pot of hot water & must never be eaten with a knife & fork. It is instead cut in half, peeled from its skin & dipped with the hands into sweet mustard (Bayerischer Süßer Senf).

This particular sausage is also called a morning or breakfast sausage because back in the old times it was produced there weren’t any refrigerating methods of uncooked meat. Since it was not smoked & no preservatives were used it the sausage was eaten as fresh as possible in order to avoid unwanted food illnesses.

It is traditionally served accompanied by the Bavarian Pretzel also known as Brezel & a glass of cold Weissbier. For an authentic taste of all three of them you could try Schneider Brauhaus. This Bavarian restaurant in Munich is one of the most traditional inns, breweries and restaurants in the state capital. At the same place of activity, as it is today, in Tal 7 , the first bourgeois wheat beer was brewed almost 150 years ago. The location between Marienplatz and Isartor, is one that permits you to admire the city in all its splendor. Its cuisine makes traditional seem timeless and its Weisswurst is to die for. No need to ask for more really.