Bavarian Leberkäse

Bavarian Leberkäse. Munich is a haven for meat lovers. If you are not convinced yet a quick look at the cold cuts or processed meats section of any supermarket or food market in Munich will leave no doubts.

The variety of hams & sausages is just overwhelming. The most typical of the local cuisine in the category of cured meat is the Bavarian Leberkäse literary liver cheese. Invented in 1776 by the cook of Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria this capstone of Bavarian cold cuts contains neither liver nor cheese.

This flavorful, compact, pink meatloaf consists of corned beef or beef meat that has been carefully separated from its tendons, pork meat with lots of fatty tissue, bacon, onions, salt, pepper & water. The seasonings can differ depending on the butcher. The ground ingredients are baked as a loaf in a bread pan until the meatloaf gets a crunchy crisp crust, the so-called Scherzel, the favorite part of its fanatic consumers.

Served in a Semmel (bread roll) while still hot & traditionally seasoned with mustard is the norm in most of the fast food stalls of the city but it is also common to be served cut into thick slices accompanied by Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), Ochsenaugen (fried eggs) & süßer Senf (Bavarian sweet mustard), or soft pretzels & sauerkraut.

It can also be pan-fried & be accompanied by fried eggs, kartoffelsalat, fried potatoes and spinach a combination very popular in the countless Biergarten (beer gardens) of Munich