Tap House (Beer)

Being in a beer paradise like Munich the selection between countless beer-halls, breweries and beer taverns is a kind of Herculean task. It is a given that the places ideal for a beer lover in Munich are more than one can count and definitely more than one. Among the champions of the beer bars in the city is beyond any doubt the Tap House at Rosenheimerstr. 108. A Tap-House is a craft beer bar in the American style. The focus is on a unique beer variety of high quality beers full of character. The English name refers to the integration of the beer world. In the Tap-House you can enjoy a top selection of beers from traditional beer countries such as England and Belgium as well as from innovative beer countries such as Italy or Denmark. Whether malty or fruity, men and women find their favorite beer in the Tap-House. Τhe philosophy: to create a beer paradise and open τηε guests the gate to the big world of beers.