Scarfes Bar (Cocktails)

Scarfes Bar, inspired by the atmosphere of a drawing room and the sophistication of a gentleman’s club, features a roaring fire, a collection of cosy velvet armchairs and shelves filled with over 1,000 antique books hand-picked by a Portobello antiques dealer. A creative menu of cocktails and complimentary live music seven nights a week add to the conviviality and certainly give true meaning to the phrase ‘get scarfed’ at Gerald’s eponymous bar, where potions and paintings meet.

This year’s cocktail menu invites you on a journey through the great musical genres with ingenious cocktails inspired by the iconic caricatures of Gerald Scarfe. The new menu at Scarfes Bar is the ultimate symphony of superstars presented in an interactive stage menu. Lead by Head Bartender, Yann Bouvignies and Director of Bars Martin Siska – for the first time, the entire bar team have been involved in the menu creation, from bartender, to waiter, barback and host, resulting in a collection of pleasing drinks for all palates.

Scarfes Bar ranks No.55 on The World’s Best Bars List 2019.