Latitude (Budget Friendly)

Latitude is a 32 seat restaurant with a small bar, located in the heart of South Wimbledon. Latitude has managed to put on an international menu with seasonal foods. The traditional brunch, classic dinner dishes, traditional roasts and Mexican dishes are all made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Open six days a week, Latitude is looking to stand out for the right reasons in the Wimbledon area. The focus of this value for money restaurant is in quality and local people. Latitude was born in February, 2018, in the hands of Restaurant Manager Rodrigo Alarcon and Head Chief Artan Gjinaj. After 10 years of working in the industry in restaurants like Strada, El Metro, Racine and Brinkleys Restaurants across London, they both decided to join forces and pursue their own food dream. Merton road in the heart of South Wimbledon became the starting point for Latitude. The inspiration for the menu Head Chef Artan has taken from locally sourced ingredients and modern european style cuisine. The cultural influence that both Rodrigo and Artan have, has helped them experiment with the menu and events such as already-well-known ‘Mexican Nights’ at Latitude that celebrate Rodrigo’s heritage.