Kaczka po krakowsku

Kaczka po krakowsku. Polish cuisine loves duck & especially Krakow has two time-honored recipes for it. Kaczka po krakowsku or Krakow duck with mushrooms is the most popular of the two. Salted Duck meat, fried in a pan with oil or butter until it browns, is then stewed with mushroom broth & mixed with sour cream & flour. It is served with barley or rice. The second recipe is a soup made of duck blood & poultry broth called Czernina. A sweet & sour soup that can contain pear syrup & dried pears, cherries & apple vinegar along with noodles, potatoes or dumplings.


Czarna Kaczka or Black Duck is probably the most fitting of all places to eat this one. As the name of the place implies, duck is their specialty. The restaurant is located on the charming Poselska Street on the ground floor of a 17th-century tenement characterized as a historical monument. But you’re going there for the food. Which is exquisite. Typical regional dishes with the flagship ingredient and trademark being of course the duck.