Wierzynek Restaurant (Romantic)


Located in the historic tenement in the heart of Krakow’s old city, Wierzynek Restaurant invites you to experience the beauty of its legendary interiors.. This marvelous place is surrounded by historic buildings: Florian Gate, St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Adalbert’s Church, Cloth Hall and Town Hall Tower. The Restaurant itself houses eight rooms, each of different décor and size, but with common attribute – exceptional atmosphere filled with royal heritage. Wierzynek’s cuisine approaches the essence of slow food, a combination of royal art of feasting and the highest quality of organic products from local suppliers. Every day the restaurant’s chefs fill tables with savory meats, fresh fish, traditional groats, pates, dumplings and wild mushroom compositions. What is amazing about Wierzynek Restaurant, besides its astounding ambience is that you get to try dishes prepared according to old Polish royal court and indulge in the experience of historic flavours. To complement the feast,  a special collection of alcohols is offered by Wierzynek Champagne Bar. It where you get to sample luxury pralines and truffles, chocolate figurines and colourful macarons – all handmade with master artisanal techniques by the restaurant’s chocolatiers.