Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club (Jazz Joint)


PIEC Art acoustic JAZZ club is the two levels music club situated in the historical house in the centre of the Cracow Old Town. First opened in the nineties it is considered as one of the best jazz clubs in Poland. On concerts, regularly organized in the club, played not only the Polish head jazzmen, but some greatest names in world jazz as well. In the era of progressive commercialization PIEC’Art remained true and loyal to it’s unmistakable jazz atmosphere. The music atmosphere of the club is created mainly by the acoustic jazz, but you can also find there some border-crossing improvisations, blues and ethno music played. The cellar is characterized by the multicolor tiled stole built-in the bar, grand piano situated close to the club entrance and other décor elements, that build the club’s unique atmosphere. The club’s bar and concert hall (concert hall is also available for the smokers) can easily contain almost one hundred people.