Tagliatelle Porcini e Tartufo

Tagliatelle Porcini e Tartufo. Although the traditional Florentine cuisine in the category of main course revolves around meat vegetarians don’t have to despair. There are plenty of choices for them as well. Most importantly the Tuscan region is bounteous in all sorts of mushrooms and luckily enough for the most demanding truffles. As most of us know, mushrooms and truffles pair perfectly with pasta. One Florentine favorite that combines the two is the dish of Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini e Tartufo.

Tagliatelle are long, flat ribbons of pasta that can come in all sorts of sizes. The fungal production in Tuscany reaches its highest levels in the period between mid-August and mid-October but mushrooms can be found in Tuscan menus all year round. The two species of mushrooms are used for both the sauce and a supplement to the pasta. White wine, garlic, olive oil, and parsley bring out the exquisite aromas and flavors of the truffles and porcini mushrooms in another mouth-watering of culinary simplicity. Pictures courtesy of Ristorante MaMMaMia