Pappardelle sulla lepre or Papardelle al Cinghiale

The staple of Italian cuisine is of course the world famous Italian pasta. A typical Florentine dish well-loved by most housewives and restaurants of Florence is the dish called Pappardelle sulla leprePapardelle is a long, wide, flat pasta similar to wide fettuccine made with egg. In the case of Florence it is perfectly matched with a sauce made from hare which is traditionally prepared separately and then minced and used a meat sauce while another part of it is cut into large chunks and served as a second course. It can be seasoned with other classic ingredients depending on the cook, like porcini mushrooms, artichokes, or sausages. A very common variation is the Papardelle al Cinghiale, papardelle with wild boar meat, a common game back in the old days, today found in many farms in the vicinity of Florence. If you’ re a meat lover you’ ll love both versions. Pictures and recipes at