A walking tour

A walking tour, with a guide..but do not wait in line for it. The historic center of Florence is a tourist hive. You will rarely have the chance to enjoy an attraction without the hustle and bustle of people flocking from all corners of the earth to marvel at the same things as you. As a natural consequence, you’ll either have to get used to waiting in long lines in front of each ticket office or pre-buy your ticket online.


There is another clever way to skip the waiting line, however. A guided walking tour of your choosing. These days there is an abundance of choices, all providing skip-the-line access to whatever attraction you decide you need a guide. You can find tours that include all major attractions in just one walk which usually takes 3 to 4 hours or you can pick and choose depending on your desire, a tour of the Accademia Gallery or the Duomo and its famous dome. Three of the most popular according to TripAdvisor users are: https://citywonders.com/florence-tours  https://www.walksofitaly.com/florence-tours & https://www.florencetown.com/157-walk-talk-florence-tour.html