Smoked eel

Smoked eel. Denmark is one of the biggest exporters of seafood in the world with the percentage of consumption however being relatively low. Despite the Danish preferences every seafood lover out there can be sure to find a sea of choices. Eel, sole, salmon, caviar and of course, herring are often found in all sorts of variations in lots of restaurants, old-fashioned and modern.

A Danish classic and the most famous of all fish delicacies is considered the smoked eel (Røget Ål), in particular the one accompanied by scrambled egg and chives. It is also very common to find a smoked eel smørrebrød (open sandwich).

A great place to try seafood in general in Copenhagen is  Restaurant Havfruen (Mermaid). It is a seafood bistro, It is located in the historic, charming and vibrant area of ​​Nyhavn in central Copenhagen. It has been a restaurant since 1937 while the building is from the 16th century. It is a seafood restaurant that stands high in the preferences of both Copenhageners and visitors for decades. There’s always a reason for that.