Røde Pølser

Røde Pølser. There is a typical red sausage that holds a dear place in the hearts of the Danes. Every kid in Denmark has tasted the Røde Pølser a red sausage made exclusively out of pork that has its origins in the 1930s and the so-called “Meat City” a central meat market in Copenhagen.

As it usually happened with sausages and their initial concept, the butchers made use of all the meat that was on the verge of being thrown away. The method was simple..old meat plus red paint and you get a beautiful and cheap red sausage that you can feed to the poor…Em..ok…Are the Danes still eating this s**…? Well no. The process became more hygienic and the quality standards were raised many years ago.


Today this type of sausage is identified with the Danish hot dogs found in every other corner of Copenhagen, sold by sausage stands that have become an institution, known as Pølsevogn, (sausage wagon). No matter the season, whether the weather is cold or warm, every Dane will have the chance to try one of the choices offered by the sausage wagons, inside a soft bread bun, dressed in ketchup and mustard and quite possibly supplemented by some sauerkraut.


A great choice if you happen to be a fan of street food is no doubt the wagons of DØP. The hot dog stands are located at the Round Tower and the Church of the Holy Ghost, in central Copenhagen.  The company has reinvented the hot dog concept and made a more healthy and modern eatery.

All ingredients are 100% organic, vegans can also find their own stuff to munch on, and people who are lactose intolerant or suffer from gluten allergy as well. Equally important for our choice is the fact that the company is a 100 % green company. All packaging is made of bio-degradable or recyclable materials. Kudos to them!