Wallmans Dinnershow (Dinner and Show)

Wallmans Dinnershow (Dinner and Show). Embark on a journey of stardust and magic, through a musical and visual universe at Wallmans in Copenhagen that provides the setting for the perfect night out. Wallmans Dinnershow is an extraordinary experience that combines a show, a four-course dinner, and a nightclub – all under one roof.

Wallmans Dinnershow (Dinner and Show)Wallmans Dinnershow (Dinner and Show)

As something unique for Wallmans, passionate artists contribute to the party atmosphere around the hall close to the audience with songs, entertaining artistry and dizzying acrobatics. The young, talented artists have been chosen for their voices, dance talents and stage behavior. Moreover, they have learned about food and beverages, waiting techniques and guest relations as they serve at the tables between performances in the show.