Octopus stifado

Octopus stifado. If you’re a seafood lover you’ll love this city. The recipes are countless and are usually a variation of one of your favorite dishes in a way you can only find in Chania. Octopus is a fine example. Octopus stifado is a recipe for a sauteed octopus with olive oil & onions, which is then simmered along with plenty of garlic, vinegar, bay leaves & pepper. Another popular recipe is Octopus with fennel & green olives.

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The octopus is sauteed in spring onions & olive oil and then simmered in wine, finely chopped fennel, tomatoes & salt until finally the olives are added to the mix. Octopus cooked in wine, octopus with avronies (greek variety of wild asparagus), octopus with macaroni (kofto Chania), octopus with potatoes & of course the very common grilled octopus in charcoals are just a few of the countless recipes you can find with the delicious mollusk as the main ingredient. The amazing thing is that they all taste amazing. A supplementary detail ..a combo with a small bottle of ouzo (karafaki in Greek) mixed with lemonade, some ice, and well..ready for the Greek Pantheon.


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