OLD ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF CHANIA. Housed in the Catholic church of San Fransesco which was initially built by the Venetians & and was turned into a Muslim mosque during the Ottoman era, this small museum holds a dense collection of archaeological findings from the Neolithic, Minoan & Roman periods found in the region of Chania.


The collection is constantly expanding making the museum relocation imminent. Although the new building is ready the relocation is a lengthy procedure that can last years. Despite the lack of space the aura of this historic building is ideal for the purpose of its use. The display is far from tiring and will give you a view of the city’s rich past. The Archaeological Museum of Chania is located on Halidon Street very close to the Old Harbor.

The Archaeological Museum in the Catholic church of San Fransesco, is now relocated to a new modern building in the neighborhood of Halepa. The opening is expected to take place towards the end of 2021.