Pasta chi Masculini

Pasta chi Masculini. Pasta with sardines is probably the most distinctive dish of Sicily; one that manifests many of the influences this crossroad of cultures has assimilated through the ages. Fresh sardines abundant in the Ionian Sea and the Channel of Malta, the island’s native wild fennel and North African influences of raisins and pine nuts.

Add some saffron and toasted breadcrumbs, onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper…et voilà! You should know that Italian rarely combine fish with cheese but if you insist then you could ask for grated Parmesan on top. A Sicilian white wine will elevate the whole experience. The particular version of Catania for the exact same recipe substitutes the anchovies with a similar fish called masculini and that changes the name of the dish to Pasta chi Masculini or Pasta alla catanese.